Better soil, healthier food

soiltypesFrom sandy soils to heavy clay to old peat bogs, growing food on 14 backyards means growing food on 14 different types of soil. We know that healthy soil is key to healthy food and since we started farming, we have been doing what we can to maintain healthy soil. However, with such a range of soil types, there is no ‘one size fits all’ procedure for ensuring healthy soil. This winter we’ve had the chance to find more ways to improve the health of our soil and monitor our successes. We will be investing more time and money into organic soil amendments, producing richer compost and building up the microbial content of our soil. We have also started more extensive soil testing to measure the nutrient content of both our soils and our produce with the goal of producing even richer produce for those we care about: our children, ourselves and our community. We will be letting you know about the results in the coming months and years through our website.

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And they’re off…

greenhouse2It might be raining outside, but inside the greenhouse our vegetables are off to a good start. This year we’ve installed higher capacity shelving and are starting more crops in the warmth of the greenhouse to get an early start on the season. By starting our produce indoors, we are also allowing our gardens to sit until later in the season, thus helping to prevent damage from tilling or digging into wet soil. For our yards that were planted with cover crops in the fall, a later start also means nitrogen is going into the soil for longer.

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All about Meat Grinders in Edmonton

Let’s face it, if a person decides to be a butcher or run a restaurant inside of Edmonton; they are going to need a good meat grinder as a part of their equipment. A meat grinder is designed to take large chunks of meat and make them into a pliable substance that can be transformed into burgers, sausages or ground meat sources for various different types of dishes.

Some people in Edmonton like to eat tacos and sloppy joe; so, having a meat grinder will be perfect for these dishes. Other people like to eat healthy burgers and having a meat grinder that can literally transforms chunks of turkey meat into a chopped-up substance is a plus.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of stores and organizations that sell meat grinding equipment within the city of Edmonton. Local retail outlets can sell them in places such as department stores or local retail outlets. These are usually lower end and less powerful meat grinders that are perfect for home use or for a small amount of people.

If a person is running a business where they have a couple of hundred customers; they should use a medium-size grinder to keep their business running smoothly. There are a few butcher shops throughout the Edmonton area that provides fresh group meat products to their clients. Having a meat grinder of this size helps their business to be efficient and productive.

Large grinders are for businesses and restaurants that has a huge volume of sales in meats. Grocery stores, restaurants and large scale catering companies can benefit from this type of machinery. Meat grinders can also be used in various organizations such as church, hospital and nursing home kitchens.

Businesses within the city of Edmonton that rely on meat grinders should make it a point to have these machines available for use within their organizations. They should purchase the right size that they will need for their outfit and they should ensure that it will be large enough to manufacture the amount of meat that they will need to produce.

Remember that some meat grinders are heavy duty industrial sized machines that can literally crank out hundreds of pounds of meat. These types of meat grinder Edmonton are best suited for restaurants that serve at least 500 or more people a day.

If a food base organization is pulling in this many customers throughout a given day; they will need this kind of equipment to adequately serve them all. Ultimately, a business or home owner within Edmonton can purchase the right type of meat grinder that will be best suited for their needs.

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