Better soil, healthier food

soiltypesFrom sandy soils to heavy clay to old peat bogs, growing food on 14 backyards means growing food on 14 different types of soil. We know that healthy soil is key to healthy food and since we started farming, we have been doing what we can to maintain healthy soil. However, with such a range of soil types, there is no ‘one size fits all’ procedure for ensuring healthy soil. This winter we’ve had the chance to find more ways to improve the health of our soil and monitor our successes. We will be investing more time and money into organic soil amendments, producing richer compost and building up the microbial content of our soil. We have also started more extensive soil testing to measure the nutrient content of both our soils and our produce with the goal of producing even richer produce for those we care about: our children, ourselves and our community. We will be letting you know about the results in the coming months and years through our website.

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