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Veggie Bucks – a new way to do CSA

CadboroOver the past couple of years, many people have told us that they like the idea of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), but that they prefer to buy their produce at the market – maybe they are away for part of the year or they have their own garden at home and don’t need as much produce or maybe they simply want to decide how much they want each week.

This is why we decided to create City Harvest Veggie Bucks. By purchasing a booklet of Veggie Bucks at the beginning of the season, you will be helping us to cover the costs of production while the produce is still in the ground. When we bring that produce to our farmers market, you can use your Veggie Bucks to pick out your favorite fruits and vegetables at our farm stand. You will also receive regular email notices about what will be available at the market each week.

And for those of you who love our boxes, don’t worry, we’re still offering our weekly and bi-weekly boxes. In fact, we’ve even expanded our box program.

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Better soil, healthier food

soiltypesFrom sandy soils to heavy clay to old peat bogs, growing food on 14 backyards means growing food on 14 different types of soil. We know that healthy soil is key to healthy food and since we started farming, we have been doing what we can to maintain healthy soil. However, with such a range of soil types, there is no ‘one size fits all’ procedure for ensuring healthy soil. This winter we’ve had the chance to find more ways to improve the health of our soil and monitor our successes. We will be investing more time and money into organic soil amendments, producing richer compost and building up the microbial content of our soil. We have also started more extensive soil testing to measure the nutrient content of both our soils and our produce with the goal of producing even richer produce for those we care about: our children, ourselves and our community. We will be letting you know about the results in the coming months and years through our website.

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