(CSA) Veggie Box Program FAQs

NW_csaPlan to eat our veggies all season, and we will plan to grow them for you.  Here are the highlights:

  • The program runs for 20 weeks, from May to October.
  • Share prices range from $250-600 for the year.
  • You prepay with either one payment before May 1 OR 5 monthly post-dated cheques.
  • We prepare for you 7-9 of the best produce items of the week.
  • You pick up from the farm every Friday afternoon: choose either self-serve or full service.
  • Is a full share too much? Half shares are available too.

(See fine print below…)

What’s in the Box?

Our Crops We prepare a box for you containing 7-9 of the best produce items of the week. To the left are just a few of the items we grow.

Box Options:

Weekly Share Cost Season’s Total (20 Weeks) Deposit One Payment Before May 1st 5 Post-Dated Cheques: May, June, July, Aug, Sept 1st
Self-Serve Full Share $25 $500 $0 $500 $100
Self-Serve Half-Share $12.50 $250 $0 $250 $50
Full Service Share $30 $600 $10 $610 (includes deposit) $120 (deposit paid separately)

1. Self-Serve Shares: Your best value, the most choice, and a hands-on experience.  You’ll get our newsletter with a weekly recipe via e-mail. $500 for the season.

2. Half-shares:  for $250.00 for the year, you get half as much each week.  Self-serve only. [Note, some of our customers find a friend to pair up with and they buy a full-share together so they can alternate pick-ups and split the produce.]

3. Full-Service Shares: Busy, but you love your fresh organic veggies?  Upgrade from $25 to $30 per week and you’ll find your bin, with your name on it, prepacked with pristine produce, and, when possible, find your preferences waiting in the cold storage.  Includes a printed version of the newsletter. $600 for the season.

How do I get my produce?

Pick up day is Friday this year.

For Self-Serve (Including Half-Share customers) from 2pm-6pm on Fridays:

1:  Bring your own basket, bin, bag, or other container for your veggies to 1834 Haultain St. between Richmond and Foul Bay.

2:  Check the Chalkboard for the list of crops for the week.  Take the specified number of each item from the bins.  If we are offering a choice between two or more equal valued products, they will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

3:  Feel free to use the “trade or donate” bin for items you know you won’t eat.  Put unwanted items in, then take an equal value out, or just leave it behind for someone else.

4.  Shop for extras:  sometimes we will have eggs, honey, gluten-free goodies and other treasures for you from our friends at the market.  Check the table, and remember to bring cash for those items.

5.  Say hello and check out the activity on the farm.  Some families make this into a weekly outing – Friday is a busy day on the farm, so an extra hand with weeding, mulching, or prepping for the market is very appreciated, and helps you and your kids or grandkids see, and feel, the land where their food grows.

6.  Need to switch to full-serve for a week?  Let us know, and pay us the $5 before 8pm the preceding Tuesday, and we’ll make sure it’s packed for you.

For Full-Serve Customers:

Your bin will be ready by 4pm on Friday.  Come pick it up any time after that and say a quick hello to us.  You are also welcome to peruse the extras table, open until 7.  Bring a bit of cash for that!

In order to prevent waste, leftover produce will be donated or eaten by a farmer or volunteer by Sunday afternoon at 2pm if it’s not picked up.  We will be much more strict about this than we were last year…we hate throwing out rotten vegetables!

What if I’m going to be away or can’t pick up on Friday?

There are a few things you can do.  Make friends with another self-serve customer and ask them to pick up for you.  Switch to full-serve for a week and pick up by Sunday.  Have a friend or family member come in your place.  Let us know you’d like to donate your weekly share.  We’ll make sure it gets to someone who can use it.  Just make sure you talk to Heather or Sol before the preceding Tuesday at 8pm.

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