Community Supported Agriculture

Why Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)? Our CSA box program is part of a growing movement where customers are working together with farmers to ensure the survival of small local farms. Through CSA programs, farmers benefit from a secure, regular income (in the form of monthly payments from subscribers) and CSA members receive a weekly box of fresh, tasty and nutritious veggies, grown in-season without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. By participating in a CSA, you invest in the health of your family, community, and local agriculture.

This year we have created a new way for you to invest in the farm, while still being able to choose the produce you want, when you want and in the amounts that you want. By purchasing our Veggie Bucks at the beginning of the season, you are helping us, your local farmers, to purchase seeds, soil amendments and irrigation equipment and cover other early season expenses, and when your farm market opens in May, you will be able to shop using your Veggie Bucks.

Shared Risk A CSA is one of the most practical tools in the effort to increase local, ethical food production. Farming is risky: weather, pests, disease, injury (et cetera!) make it virtually impossible to take on as a livelihood, especially in the first few years. But…those who eat the food can share the risk with those who grow it. By choosing to become a CSA member with City Harvest, you are sharing some of the risk with us, your local farm. In the unlikely event that we are unable to fill your box, we refund up to 25% of the value of the box, keeping the other 75% for crop recovery. ┬áThe chances of this happening are very low, but it gives us the peace of mind that big agriculture obtains through an insurance policy.