Our Story


We are a small urban farming operation located in Victoria, BC.  Our mandate is to produce food for our community, with our community, in our community.  The land we farm is all loaned to us and is currently all in private backyards within city limits.  We will be expanding to other types of unused urban space in the next couple of seasons.

Since 2011, our business has been structured as a workers’ co-operative.  All our farming activities in the community are managed by our members, one of whom is full-time, and two of whom are part time.  Our members’ labour is our largest operating cost, and is currently paid for entirely through the sale of our produce.

Farming in the city is, for each of our members, a medium and a meeting place for our varied passions:

  • We love providing individuals and other businesses in the community with high quality, safe, delicious local food.
  • We farm because it’s a local solution to sustainability and social justice issues.
  • We seek to create a work environment for our members which acknowledges all the needs of our families, from the emotional ones to the financial ones.
  • We break down barriers through farming – between urban life and rural life, between those whose greatest assets are financial and those whose greatest asset is time, and between the wisdom of the past and the new opportunities in our changing future.