Our Members

City Harvest is a farmer-owned co-operative. Our members have a diversity of experience that they bring to this co-op, but they all share a common love and passion for growing food.

Sol Kinnis

nw_members_sol_smSol Kinnis has been a full-time farmer with City Harvest for 4 years and is in charge of production and the financial administration of the co-op. In addition to her love of growing food and working with the soil, Sol farms because she believes growing food in the city is essential if we are going to reduce our ecological footprint and live sustainably.

Sol brings to City Harvest extensive knowledge of co-operatives as well as 15 years of community organizing. Prior to working with City Harvest, Sol worked for the Centre for Co-operatives and Community-Based Economy and was a founding member of the non-profit housing co-op, Roofs _ Roots. Sol graduated from the University of Victoria in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and a post-degree university diploma in the Restoration of Natural Systems with an emphasis on urban agriculture.

In addition to farming vegetables with City Harvest, Sol is raising honey bees, a small flock of chickens and is interested in experimenting with methods for improving soil quality in the city. In the off-season, Sol takes on contracts coordinating community events, leading workshops in facilitation and consensus and other community development work.

Heather Parker

nw_member_HeatherHeather loves food and is passionate about feeding people, literally and figuratively.  The oldest of 5, and now a mother of 5, she feels most at home in a small crowd. Heather brings to the co-op a desire to build community over food and to find new ways to connect people to their food.  She spends a great deal of time wrestling with the issue of the high cost of producing our food and the need to to make high quality produce available to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic circumstances.

With a background as a Montessori trained preschool teacher, church youth leader, and homeschooling parent, Heather has spent most of her adult life working with young people and families.  She loves to create environments and opportunities for people to find community across generations, cultures and differences in resources.  In these experiences, she loves to watch people discover healing and redemption in all its manifestations: physical, emotional, spiritual, and social.

Heather grew up watching her mother and grandmothers grow, preserve, bake and cook food for their families, creating abundance on a limited budget.  She believes in the value of preserving and sharing those skills with her community and with future generations.

Sharon McGeorge

nw_members_sharonSharon McGeorge was born and raised in an isolated farming community in the Kootenays where she learned the art of farming passed down to her from her parents and grandparents.  Both the wild forest that surrounded her home and the cultivated gardens taught her many lessons in life. Beginning at a very young age, she observed the natural cycles of both wild and cultivated plants. As she grew older, Sharon expanded on this innate knowledge by studying the edible and medicinal properties of wild plants on the coast and interior of BC. While WOOFing in New Zealand in 2002, Sharon learned, hands-on, about permaculture techniques and the management of market greenhouses. This experience also taught her practical skills in natural gardening ranging from fruit tree maintenance to natural pest control.

Sharon has worked closely with various small business owners in directly managing their businesses, including Kaslo Kayaking, Scarlet’s Electric, and Sand Dollar Pools. She is also highly involved in local sustainability issues and has volunteered for the Lifecycles Fruit Tree project, the BC Sustainable Energy Association and Common Energy – an environmental group focused on cimate change issues.  During her recent years studying mechanical engineering at the University of Victoria, Sharon has spearheaded several large organic gardens where she has lived. She hopes to take the technical lessons leaned in her degree, combine them with her inherited knowledge of farming, and join forces with the other City Harvest members to create flourishing, healthy organic gardens throughout the city of Victoria. Sharon’s strong business sense and attention to detail also adds a strong foundation to the future success of City Harvest.