Our Methods


In order to grow the healthiest, most nutrient-rich, chemical free foods, we draw from a number of farming methodologies. We use a base of┬áSPIN-Farming to run our business; a multitude of organic techniques to grow healthy food plants starting with a healthy soil; and permaculture principles to ‘tweak’ our system to be better suited to our climate.

In addition, the advice of those who have farmed or gardened in this region is possibly the most valuable piece of farming wisdom there is.

While our many growing locations will likely prevent us from ever obtaining Organic certification, we farm with the goal of producing food which is as, if not more, safe and nutritious as Certified Organic produce. Where a long term history on the land is not available or is questionable, we test the soil for toxicity to ensure the safety of using urban land for food production. For each of our yards we do regular testing for key agricultural nutrients as well as the micro-nutrients necessary for healthy plants and a healthy diet.