Why Farm in the City?

nw_why_city_smWhy do we care about local food?

City Harvest members are part of a growing food security movement which believes that it is possible to make a living at working for a sustainable future.

•    We only have enough food on Vancouver Island at any one time to last for 2 days. That is, 90% of our food is brought in by truck, on BC Ferries, or from elsewhere.
•    50 years ago, farmers on Vancouver Island produced 85% of the Island’s food. We could do so again if we were to turn away from corporate agriculture and focus on local agriculture.
•    Most of our food is trucked in for 1000′s of kilometres, a major contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.
•    When we buy and produce food locally, we are part of the global movement to reduce climate change and slow its devastating effects on the planet.

Much of the food produced out of our sight, whether it’s on a factory farm in the USA, on a plantation in a developing nation, or even on a larger farm in the Fraser Valley, is grown in conditions which are hard on both the land and the workers.  Small, transparent, local operations like ours, however, are upheld by workers who love what they do and attempt to give back more to the land than they take.

Bringing food production back to the urban lifestyle has myriad social benefits.  We are physically, emotionally and spiritually healthier when we experience the process of growing our food first hand.  As dedicated full time farmers, we make that experience accessible to the wider community.  We do it all the time so you can do it some of the time.  Join us!