Become a farmer-member

nw_become_memberAre you interested in becoming a member of City Harvest? City Harvest is looking for committed, hard working, entrepreneurial and co-operative people, with experience growing food, to become members of our farming co-operative.

We are a small worker co-op, so taking on a new member is a big decision. We expect this to be a big decision for you as well. Being part of a worker co-op and being a farmer are both major challenges and are life changing experiences. Joining the co-op is similar to becoming a partner in a business – it involves risk,  hard work, and dedication to making the business a success. Our application process reflects that.

To find out if becoming a farmer is right for you, you can start by volunteering with us, both at the market and in the gardens.  Getting to know each other is the first step. When you are volunteering, let us know if you are considering joining the co-op. We’re happy to answer any questions you have. Once we’ve had a chance to work together and you have a better understanding of how City Harvest operates, you may make an application to the co-op.

To apply to the co-op,  write us a letter that includes the following:

  • why you want to be part of the co-op.
what your time commitment would be, both short and long term.
  • what skills and experience you may bring to the co-op
  • your vision/ideas for making City Harvest more financially sustainable, and what direction you see the co-op going in the future.

We would also like a couple of letters of reference from former employers, co-workers or community members with whom you have volunteered.

Applications are then reviewed by the co-op, and those who seem like a good fit with City Harvest are invited to continue with the application process.

The next step is to attend a couple of our meetings so you can learn more about our structure and decision making process, and we can learn more about you.  This is our equivalent to an interview.

Once this step is completed, and if both you and the co-op see this as a positive relationship,  you will be officially invited to review our business plan, rules, policies, minutes and other important documents. The next step is to sign a membership agreement and make a share purchase. At that point, you are a full member of City Harvest Co-operative, with full voting privileges and access to dividends.