Host a Farm Worker

nw_hostHost a WWOOFer (Willing Workers on Organic Farms):
WWOOFers are wonderful people who come from all over the world to work on organic farms. They volunteer their time for many reasons: to learn how to become a farmer, to experience farm life, to contribute to sustainable organic food production…too many reasons to list here. WWOOFers work on the farms 20 hours/week in exchange for food and accommodation. For many small organic farms, the contribution of WWOOFers has helped their farm survive.

Would you like to host a WWOOFer?

City Harvest is welcoming WWOOFers to our farm this year. However, unlike farms outside the city with cabins, trailers or other accommodations, we city farmers have limited space. Therefore, we are looking for Community Hosts who would like to support urban farming and meet some aspiring farmers from around the world by hosting a WWOOFer in their home for 2 weeks during the spring or summer. City Harvest will provide the host with produce and a food stipend to cover the cost of meals. Please contact us to find out more.