New! Backyard Farm Installations

City Harvest is excited to be teaming up with Second Nature Landscaping to provide this new service.  Imagine the beauty of an edible landscape balanced with the productivity of an intensive farm – in your backyard!  Let us help you get closer to your dream of an urban homestead.

No long term agreement, just fees for services rendered.

 Initial consultation:(1 hour, 30.00)

  • We visit your site, take some soil samples, and listen to your ideas.

  • We take a thorough history of the site, and assess it.  This includes soil testing, microclimate assessment, and nutrient evaluation.

  • Factors we consider when assessing a yard:

  • Was the space to be cultivated a lawn?

  • Is the soil contaminated?

  • What is the soil type?

  • Was it a high foot traffic area?  (ie is the soil compacted?)

  • Are there issues with the water table?  Would the space benefit from raised beds?

  • What sun exposure does it have?  Frost pockets?

  • what type of weeds/invasives need to be removed?

  • is there a working compost on site?  Does one need to be built?

  • Is the space fenced adequately to protect it from deer?

  • Are there productive fruit trees on site?

  • What perennials is the client interested in installing?


Design phase: (varies according to project, we provide a quote)

  • We work with you to design a food production space that comes as close to your dream as your space and lifestyle will productively allow.  Combined, our over 35 years’ experience in landscape design, permaculture, and SPIN farming will provide you with the insights you need to create the backyard farm that works for you.  We will consider your desires for aesthetics, productivity, maintenance level, and type of food.

  • we educate you about the assets and limitations of your land, and how to best work with it or improve it.


Implementation Phase:

  • We provide you with a quote.

  • We will provide all labour, materials and tools needed to implement our design, from deer fencing to gogi berry bushes and kale seedlings to soil amendments.


Aftercare Phase:  (50.00/2 hr visit)

  • we provide aftercare, doing regular 2 hour follow up visits (frequency to be mutually decided on by you and City Harvest) doing maintenance, demonstrating planting, weeding and harvesting techniques, answering your questions, providing you with reminders and seasonal suggestions for maintaining your backyard farm.

  • Installation clients receive free admission to any workshops offered by City Harvest within 2 years of the start date of the project.