Backyard Farmer Program (3 year agreement)

Finance your installation, share your space, receive weekly produce, learn to grow food.

1.  Installing the farm, sharing the space:

  • We convert your space into a backyard farm, which you will learn to use and maintain in order to eventually grow food for your household, organization, or cause.

  • We provide the labour and materials, as well as all plants, both annual and perennial.

  • We build, use, and maintain the beds according to our crop plan, with the exception of any beds you keep for yourself, if you choose that option – see #3 below.

  • The cost of the 3 year project is financed over the 36 months.  Payments are monthly.

  • 4 months before the end of the contract, we discuss your options: whether you want to renew the arrangement as it stands, alter it to suit your needs, or end it.

  • A typical 1000 sq ft plot, rehabilitated from lawn to a productive backyard farm, takes about 3 years to complete and costs about 3600.00 in labour and materials.  We will assess your space and test your soil, and provide you with a quote based on the needs of your land, prioritizing productivity as well as your particular vision for the space.  (Typical payment 100.00/month)

2:   Receive weekly produce:

  • You are automatically enrolled in our CSA (weekly veggie box) program, receiving a ½ share whenever the program is being offered.  (20 weeks in main season at this time – could increase in future)

  • Upgrade to a full CSA share?  Add 250.00/year: 12.50/week for 20 weeks.  (Works out to 21.00/month)

3:  Learn to grow food:

  • Want to keep some beds for yourself?  you choose the crops and harvest them for yourself.  We work with you to plan, plant and maintain them.  If you don’t harvest the crops, we will, and will add them to our CSA program so they don’t get wasted. (10.00/bed/month)

  • Participate in our Volunteer Program?  The best way to learn, and save some money too.  Commit to working with City Harvest regularly (on your land or at one of our other sites), and receive a discount on your monthly payment.  Commitments of time in full month increments only.  2 hours/week(8 hrs/month)= 10%; 4 hours/week(16 hrs/month)=20%.

  • More learning opportunities …through workshops, one on one teaching, access to reference materials, and tips and reminders as you learn.