Share your backyard


City Harvest Co-operative is always looking for homeowners who would like us to grow healthy food for our community in their backyard.

What are we looking for in a yard?

  • Size. To be viable as a market garden, the space should be a minimum of 1000sqft with a minimum width of 25ft.
  • Sun exposure: at least 6 hours a day of full sun.
  • Room for a compost on site.
  • Access with a wheelbarrow: we need to bring materials in to feed the soil and mulch the beds.  Narrow gateways, steps, or rocky embankments make it difficult to do this.
  • Water: We need to be able to install a sprinkler or drip irrigation system on a timer, that will remain undisturbed.
  • Location: with a couple of notable exceptions, we stay in the area south of UVic or Hillside, and East of Quadra St.
  • Freedom of access:  Homeowners need to be comfortable with us entering their yard any time during daylight hours, whether or not you are at home. (Of course we won’t plan to rototill if you’re having a family barbeque!)
  • Protection from Deer:  either an existing, deer proof fence, or permission to install one.

How do our land donors benefit from sharing with City Harvest?

  • Satisfaction with knowing their land is being used ethically, producing local food and helping sustain the operation of the co-operative.
  • Automatic enrolment as a member of our CSA program, receiving a 1/2 share whenever the program is running.
  • Many of our crops are aesthetically pleasing, adding a rural feel to your yard.
  • No mowing or other maintenance of that part of your yard.

The fine print…

  • Commitment: our homeowner agreement is a 6 year contract.
  • 1 year’s notice for non-renewal of contract: at the 5 year mark, both City Harvest and you assess the value of the program.  Is the yard productive?  Is the arrangement working for you?  Will we renew the contract?  Subsequent commitments go in 3 year increments.If contract is revoked before the 5th year, you repay the value of the CSA shares you have received.
  • If  contract is revoked before the 5th year, you pay to remove and relocate any infrastructure that is installed.